8 Captivating India Types of Paintings

Indian culture is steeped in its traditions and deep-rooted history and Indian art forms are a mirrored image of that culture. Bursts of colour and vivid mythological descriptions dominate the canvas. The Indian types of paintings have unique origins and history...

How to Take Care of Newborn? (For First Time Parents)

You’ve gone through pregnancy, labour, and now you’re ready to go home and begin life with your baby. “Overwhelmed” is a word that would properly depict how you may feel when you at first bring home your infant. When home, however, you may feel like you...

How to Deal with a Breakup (Pro Tips)?

Happy endings are what we’ve learnt from fairytales and are taught repeatedly and if the ending is not happy, it is often hard or difficult to deal with a breakup or move on. Same goes with relationships, ending it is hard, whether it is your decision or the other...

11 Out of the Box Anniversary Surprise Ideas

Anniversaries are a significant piece of life and an important day for a couple. Regardless of whether you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary or your relationship anniversary, it is an occasion which enhances your love by sprinkling some glitter to it as you...

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