Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival which holds immense significance and is celebrated across the nation. People from various backgrounds partake in it, regardless of what caste and creed. It is a grand celebration for the sanctity and bliss of the sibling bond which represents divine sentiments between a brother and sister. As the custom says, the sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist praying for his long life and in return, her brother swears to protect her for life and present gifts to her sister. But nowadays, there’s a reverse trend seen in some parts of the country where sisters give gifts to their brothers.

If getting the right rakhi gifts for brothers is giving you a difficult time, you need to put a smile in your face since we’ve got you covered. Listed herein are some great gift ideas that you can get your brother apart from the usual gifts like mugs, cakes, chocolates, etc. Go through all these one-by-one to select a unique gift for Raksha Bandhan.

1. Polaroid Camera

Does your sister like to capture moments, might as well say love photography? Then, this little thing will be a perfect gift for someone who has the apt skills. Be it a family gathering or an all-nighter with her friends, this Iconic Polaroid camera will keep your tech-savvy enthusiast sister super happy when she will pull off some great memories.

2. Fitness Tracker

Who wouldn’t like to get a fitness tracker of their own as a gift? It’s one way of keeping track of one’s weight without putting too much effort. Additionally, it will keep track of your heart rate, quality of sleep, steps taken, burnt calories, and a lot more. The best fitness tracker should be lightweight, compatible with both IOS and Android, have long battery life and be waterproof as well.

3. Duffel Bag

We all need a duffel bag at some point in life. Whether traveling for a holiday, business trip among other travel destinations, all your brother needs is this bag and that’s why getting it as a gift for him would be an excellent choice. A duffel bag assists with carrying every one of your things in a single place and is anything but difficult to to grab and throw on your back while traveling. Always consider the capacity of the bag, durability, and comfort. The bag should also be waterproof to protect his items from getting soiled should you get rained.

4. SLR Cameras

If you want to get a camera for your brother but you are running low on your budget, you don’t have to rob a bank or worry your heart out. There are lots of budget-friendly cameras that are not only easy to use but also offer exceptional performance. The camera you get get for your brother, however, depends on the level of the user’s prowess. There are plenty in the market to suit beginners, pros, and those that only want to upgrade from a smartphone. Ensure that the one your get produces crisper images and can record as well.

5. Skateboard

Is your brother one of those people who really admire Hip-Hop culture for a very long and would die to get some of the things that emits the same energy? Well, this is the perfect time to delight him with a Skateboard that might be on his list. Skateboards are not that easily available but you can get it online or you can buy it from the XIMI VOGUE store in your city. He would be really moved for he will know how much his sister understands him.

6. Foosball Table

Does your brother always rant about how he and his friends get bored at his apartment after college when they have nothing to do? Well, get a solution to his boredom and out of several options, I picked out the best one for you, a foosball table. Being indoors was never really fun and when you’re in quarantine you gotta do something with your free time, so this is the best thing for your brother if on the plus side, he likes football.

7. Picture Portrait from your Childhood

If you want to keep it sentimental and remind him of how you both used to have so much fun during your childhood days; get a handmade Pencil sketch of a picture from your childhood. Bring back your favorite memory into a canvas and surprise him this Rakhi. Customize it however you want it to be and restore that nostalgia in it.

8. Harry Potter Tie

If your brother consistently bragged having a little magic in his veins and that he is expecting a letter from Hogwarts at any point in the near future, humor him somewhat more by giving him the Harry Potter Tie. Chances are he will chuck out his boring work ties for this cool new Hogwarts themed one!

9. Pair of Jordans

Does your brother loves to play basketball and is hella crazy about Michael Jordan and treats him as his idol, then this might be exactly what you’re looking for. A pair of Jordan shoes from the latest collection of Air Nike would help you win his heart.

10. Nintendo Switch or PlayStation

Well, isn’t it a fact that all our brothers are very much crazy about games and would not let you in his room because he is busy playing Fortnite. And does he have a proper game setup to do that? Then you might get him something that he would love to add in his collection of gaming console.

11. Phillips hybrid Trimmer and Shaving Set

A beard trimmer/shaving set is perfect for people who likes to keep themselves groomed all the time. This set is really the perfect necessity that every man should own. If you are looking for something that your brother could make use of in his daily life, then this is actually a great gift to present.

12. Charcoal Portrait of his Pet

If your brother owns a pet and all he talks about is his little friend, and you might be a little head over heels on that cutie too, then this might be the perfect opportunity to get a handmade Charcoal portrait of his pet and gift him this Rakhi. He might cherish it all his life.

13. AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

This is one cool gadget that you could get your brother this time if he is one of those tech-savvy and likes to listen to music and is tired of carrying his tangled earphones everywhere. Let him flex his AirPods infront of his friends and colleague.

14. A Comfy Neck Pillow

Is your brother a bit of a traveller or he does a job where he have to travel a lot through buses and is tired of it? Then, get him a travel neck pillow and let his neck relax the next time he travels. These are easily available at the nearest MINISO store in your city.

15. Saregama Carvaan

This music player comes with 5000 evergreen handpicked Hindi songs without any ads for people who are mostly fond of the 90’s era and love all those Retro songs from back them. If your brother has the same taste in music then this might be the right choice for a Rakhi gift.

16. Handmade Oil Portrait

These handmade paintings are trending nowadays, mainly for its authenticity. You could customize a picture of your brother and his better half in an oil canvas. You could get it in any size you want according to the room where it will be put up and you could maybe surprise both of them by selecting a very special picture to them.


17. Amazon Echo

Finally, consider getting your brother Amazon Alexa and you might remain the best friends forever. Alexa is quite a fantastic device to have around. They are inexpensive, smart, and easy to us as well. It can do everything he asks it to do, remind him of his daily schedules, answer his questions, help him order essentials, and also play all sorts of audio content.

18. MensXP Bar Essentials Kit

Well, every man would like to have his own Bar kit for trying and experimenting new kind of tequilas and cocktails everytime he throws a party for his friends. This will be quite ideal for brother if he likes enjoying different drinks, and is himself a little creative with it.

19. Amazon Gift Card

Still getting second thoughts about the gift you’ve chosen earlier then, this could be great solution to your confusion and you’ll still be in a win-win situation. Gift cards are the best for your brother if he lives afar and you do not have a clue about what he will like.

20. Anime Merchandise

A lot of people are into Japanese Anime nowadays and is your brother one of those Otaku? Does he spend most of his time reading Manga and he always talks about how great these characters are from several anime? This is your chance to get him his favorite Anime merchandise. There are so many options that you could go for like action figurines or bobble head of Naruto, or you could get the exact same apparel of Goku from DBZ.


Make this Raksha Bandhan extra special with any of these gifting options that I’ve rounded up among the best, exploring through the internet. And it is a guarantee that your brother would absolutely love you the rest of your life. Anything you’re curious about, let us know by commenting below.

Presenting a gift to your brother during this festive season will reaffirm him of your love. It will make him feel lucky to have you as your sister. To get the best gift for your brother, ensure that you familiarize yourself with his likes and dislikes. Remember that you want to get them something that will put a smile on his face as soon as he unwraps it.



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