Your home is the most beautiful, private space for you to hide yourselves from all of the problems. And the better place is your bedroom, isn’t it? When you return to your bed after work, don’t you need a pleasant place to stare at and then shut your eyes? That is why all these bedroom decoration ideas are so important.

Everyone has a different taste, some love dark rooms and some are more into the outdoor facing window. Some want their rooms to look according to their childhood fantasies of ‘my kind of room’ and some want it to seem to be a penthouse. There would be so many designs in your mind for your bedroom. But, if you are confused, yet you want to change the décor, then here are some beautiful designs.

Why not give your best bedroom the best look this new year!


Room with Masterpiece Painting Décor

Room with Masterpiece Painting Décor

Just like the bedrooms, you must have seen in some of the television shows when you were a kid, you can give the same look. With a neutral white coloured wall background or even cyan will work as a colour, try a wall-covering oversized painting. You can get a portrait of your pre-wedding photograph. It can be assumed of a reminder of how lucky you are to be in such a beautiful relation. If you think that nobody looks as good as you then you’ve got to get your favourite picture to be at that space.

Give us the picture and the size that fully covers the bedroom bed by the start side of your bed. We will get it portrayed in a canvas with Oil Paint. The splash of different colours will fill the neutral coloured walls. It will give a lively texture to the environment.



  • Opened at the Outdoors

Opened at the Outdoors

Opened at the Outdoors

If you have a beautiful view at the side of your house and you are looking for a balcony then, this is for you. A purely white room with grey sheets and white furniture will work the best. The signature will be a huge window like a sliding door that opens to the balcony with multilayered curtains. There can be hanging plant pots in the balcony according to your choice.




  • The Environmentalist sort of Bedroom

The Environmentalist sort of Bedroom

The Environmentalist sort of Bedroom

With a light coloured bedroom walls, you can have a lot of ideas. But, when you are into nature a little more then, try out having your own little garden inside your bedroom. It might sound foolish but trust us, you can get a lot of plants that you can put in your bedroom. From small to leafy, all types are available online.


To make the room less vague and classier you need some framed photographs or paintings. They can be a mixture of your and your families’ candid. And even the portraits of you and your favourite pet. You can get the pictures framed or rather give them to us and we will get them portrayed with oil paints that will give them a look as rea as the picture yet more artistic. What’s better!


  • Solid Colors Are Prohibited


There were timed when plain colours were the signature for every room. That seems to be vague nowadays. They look as plain as they are. With the walls coloured into solid hues, you can use any wallpaper that matches the colour combination of the walls.

You can ask for the suggestions to an interior designer, search online or follow your instincts. This will guarantee you a simple yet cool look to your bedroom. It would not be catchy at all but the most soothing one.


  • Bengali Cultured

Bengali Cultured

Bengali Cultured

If you are more into a closed, filled and cosy room where you can read and write or do any recreational hobby that you have, go for this. It is inspired from the early Bengali bedrooms that consists of a bed to sleep and a study area alongside. Decorate it with a set of thin-legged furniture and a beautiful bedpost and availability of dim lightening.

It would become shinier if you fit in a bookshelf and showcase your collection. Little antique pieces can go around the bookshelf. You can also put some artistic pieces on the little drawers beside the bed.


  • An Antique Décor

An Antique Décor

An Antique Décor

You must have desired for the ancient British Indian bedroom decoration. That is pretty easy. All you need to plan for is antique furniture designs. You can buy them from any furniture store or even get them carpentered. To add on to this, make sure the bulbs should be fixed inside wall lamps that you can get easily from store.

If the room is a little larger for just a simple bed, then you can add items. For instance, how about a royal low legged table and a rocking chair that looks ancient? A set of drawers fixed by the walls facing the bed will go right. Check out antique pieces, like a mimic of a gramophone online or in the nearest stores. And there you so!


  • The Childhood Fantasy Décor

The Childhood Fantasy Décor

The Childhood Fantasy Décor

Let’s go back to our childhood and think of the kind of bedroom we wanted. The fairy lights, beautiful lamps, candle holders and everything colourful. Now, whatever came in your mind, install it in your room. With the lightest shade of blue hue on the walls, decorate white fairy lights across your bed. You can put a light yellow lamp on the side drawers or the table in the bedroom. The candle handlers, if hanged by the balcony door will look more fanatical.

To add on to this, you can fix a drawer in front of the bed by the wall. On the wall space, over the drawer, there can be paintings and photographs of bigger in size. You can browse the site and order a 100% hand-painted portraits of any photograph that you like. Your childhood bedroom is ready!

  • The Binge Watcher’s Room

The Binge Watcher’s bedRoom

The Binge Watcher’s Room

A bedroom with a television is a really common concept. With the craze of online binge-watching, everyone needs a bedroom with a small screen. The décor should fit the T.V. too, that’s a necessity. In that case, a television needs to be installed on the front wall. That may look empty and vague so put a set of drawers below it with some shelves.

You can keep flower vases or a collection of books down there. There can be framed photographs that will go with the bedroom decoration. If that is not catchy then, do you have a collection of old cassettes and an old player? Try it with the bedroom decoration!


  • The Eclectic Décor

The Eclectic Décor

The Eclectic Décor

Do you have a spare bedroom space in your house and you are looking towards tuning it for guests? This will need a welcoming bedroom decoration yet simple to make them feel like home. You will have to make the bedroom walls neutral with whites and the curtains with some light colour that can go with the white. The sheets will look best with mismatch coloured patterns on them and the funky chair beside.

You can also choose a matching rug for the floor. This will make the room most comfortable, cosy and filled enough. Small framed paintings patterned on the white walls will increase the beauty. You can get pictures portrayed in charcoal medium or can buy it from BookMyPainting. Get your pictures portrayed with charcoal strokes from us and fix it on the walls. Trust us, they will go smoothly with the bedroom decoration.



  • A Different Bed

A Different Bed

A Different Bed

The rectangular or the cubical bedrooms are a signature of the boring tradition of the bedrooms. There are different shapes of beds with different sizes that you can try. The round-shaped beds are one among them in the trend list.

A white coloured room with the wooden bedside wall will go perfect. The while sheets of the bed can be helped with a greyish brown blanket and similar coloured pillow covers. The walls with sharp edges will add on the classy looks. There can be a classy white study table and comfortable chair beside the bed. This will end up to a bedroom with a twist!


No matter how much you have invested in the house, it is of no worth if you did not invest in the bedroom decoration. Do not underestimate the looks of your bedroom. Your morning mood to your sleep pattern is all dependent upon it. They say that you decorate your house the way you lift up your personality. Let your bedroom walls speak the language of your personality. Not only you, but the person who sleeps with you can take the most beautiful nap in a beautiful place. A place with such a huge responsibility should be designed responsibly and with whole heart put out.

We know the importance of such a place, therefore we showed you the best of our ideas that you can think upon. From choosing the best colours to the perfect furniture, it is a tedious job. But we know and assure you that the above help will guarantee your requirements totally fulfilled.

If someone asks you about your weekend trip then go up like, “peeps! I am on a trip to my own home.” And decorate your favourite part of the world, your bedroom!


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