Still looking for the best anniversary gift for him? Your feet are hurting and so is your head but still in the dilemma of choosing the right gift for your soulmate, I will help you out with this. Not to fear when your friend is here!


Wedding is truly a divine thing so must be your anniversary. Do you remember the first time you saw him? That same look you should want on his face while getting your anniversary gift for him. Finding a true soulmate takes years and eternities but finding the right anniversary gift won’t. I’m here to make you the “wife of the year” and leave him awestruck. Gifts are totally love in a material form and the best expression. Love is eternal so are the memories, hence whatever you gonna gift him must be for eternity and should make him remember you all your lives.


So here are the super fun anniversary gifts for him

1. His Baby Oil Portrait


Handmade Baby Oil Portrait as best anniversary gift for him

Handmade Baby Oil Portrait


This is something super unique as much wives can’t think about it but you have me who’s gonna make you stand out of that boring wife queue. You can get his childhood picture from his parents or anywhere from the photo album. You can just upload it on our website or even can mail us here and we will convert it into a wonderful piece of art as an Oil Portrait Painting on canvas. Baby Oil Portraits do have this royal feel and long endurance which will make him feel out of this world. Oil paintings can last for years if kept properly and this painting will make it to the entire journey together. This will be the out of the box anniversary gift for him.


2. Shaving Kit


Personalized Shaving Kits as best anniversary gift for him

Personalized Shaving Kits


Men need to shave daily due to office needs or preferences. If your husband prefers being clean-shaven you can definitely give him a personalised shaving kit. There are personalized shaving kits available online. You can print his name on it. He’ll be looking handsome daily and you both will fall in love again. He’ll keep this token of your love with him all his life and will love you the same for eternity.

3. Jogging shoes


Jogging Shoes as best anniversary gift for him

Jogging Shoes


Almost every Indian man needs it. No matter if he’s fat or slim but he should jog. Jogging reduces the risk of various diseases including cardiac arrest by 60-80%. You want him with you in the long run, for that he must run. There are hundreds of brands available to choose from. While selecting the best you should only keep two things in mind- first is the comfort and the second is durability. As long as it’s comforting them it’s good. I’m not being brand crazy but all those big brands like Nike, Adidas or Reebok will be the best to fulfil these criteria.


4.  A Fitness Band


A Fitness Band as best anniversary gift for him

A Fitness Band


Talk about fitness we don’t talk about health and fitness band how is that possible. Tech savvy anniversary gift for him. Only jogging will not be sufficient enough but he’ll be needing to track it. There are several options available in the market you can choose according to your preferences and budget. My suggested while choosing a fitness band it must track the total number of steps, calories burned and other medical things like heartbeat, etc. There are many brands like xiaomi, Amazon Fitbit or even apple smartwatch. You can try these ones out.


5. A Formal Watch


A Formal Watch as best anniversary gift for him

A Formal Watch


So we have talked about smartwatches or fitness bands, hence we should talk about formal watches. This is a primary need of an Indian man as they are going to wear this in their offices and their workplaces. This is an old school classic for Indian men. You can go for the traditional Indian brands like Titan or Sonata but there are other good options to check what’s new in the market mad give it a try. All this will make your time together happier and lovelier. This will make the most formal anniversary for him and make you stand out of the queue of boring women.


6. Set of Neckties


Set Of Necktie as best anniversary gift for him

Set of Necktie


A formal watch means a formal companion and what is going to be a better companion than a set of neckties. They will go wonderful with their formal watches. Every time there is a formal party for a formal presentation this will be their lucky charm. Neckties are in trend and there are plenty of options to choose from. I would suggest you should go for a single pattern necktie, as they make a good option to wear over a formal suit.


7. A Formal Suit


A Formal Suit as best anniversary gift for him

A Formal Suit


Every Indian man needs this. If there is an office party or a formal presentation a tuxedo or a formal blazer is a must. No men will get this thing for their shopping list but that’s a heavy need for them. You should gift them this. Every next time they’ll be on a Formal presentation, they’ll wear this and remember you. You’ll be his lucky charm forever. This is a classy anniversary gift for him and the most useful one too. While coming to selecting the best of it, try monochromatic colours as they give a formal feel and suits every man.


8. A Traditional Set of Clothing


Kurta Pajama as best anniversary gift for him

Kurta Pajama, truly Indian!


Yes, after the formal suits there’s something Indian needed. Maybe he never wears Indian but next time you’ll be in traditional wear he can accompany you very elegantly. Kurtas suit everyone. He will look classiest and most handsome among all. You can definitely go for this one blindly. To have the best of it try simple non-embroidered ones as they are more classy and easy to carry. Colour options can vary according to your choice but prefer a single colour option. I am sure, this super Indian anniversary gift for him will do wonders.


9. The Pair T-Shirts


king-queen t-shirt as best anniversary gift for him

We Rule The World Together


This is the most trendy gift as it is getting quite an appreciation and publicity online. This is not only an anniversary gift for him but for both of you. You can get T-Shirts printed online anywhere but the most unique thing is that you can go for anything, any design according to you. If you want to have a King-Queen pair, you can have. If you want to have Mr & Mrs one, you can have. You can even get your cute nicknames printed on it according to your choice. I think something different would definitely make this very common anniversary gift for him very uncommon and special.


10. A Wallet


A Wallet as best anniversary gift for him

A Wallet


Is he using the same wallet from his last birthday still? Now is the time to give him a great gift, A Wallet. I will agree on that note if you think this gift is quite common or may not be a high thing but dear ladies everything will be special if you out some efforts and love in it. I accept that he may be having a good branded wallet from Gucci or any other brand but what he mustn’t be having is a custom wallet. Yes, a custom or personalized wallet. There are many websites in India which are providing the best of best custom wallets. You can get his name engraved on it and make this wallet a special one. You even should try to engrave your anniversary date and it’ll also make the special anniversary gift for him.


12. Sunglasses




The idea of gifting Sunglasses may sound a boring idea but trust me they aren’t. They make your guy look classier but most of the women are not thinking about it. You should definitely give this one a chance and it’ll make a super perfect anniversary gift for him. My suggestions for selecting the best of sunglasses, go for two options, first, look for his specifics. What your guy likes the most will do the best but if this is your first anniversary or if he has never told you hid preference in this the second one is your lifesaver. You should definitely go for Aviators. These are the type of sunglasses which suits everyone. Try this out and you won’t be disappointed. 


12. A Couple Pencil-Colour Sketch


A Couple Pencil-Colour Sketch

A Couple Pencil-Colour Sketch


This one is the most unique and also creative anniversary gift for him. You can get your wedding picture sketched the textured ivory sheet with colour pencils and this will be some most beautiful gift he will ever receive in his life. Pencil colour sketches only sketches available in the market which are in colour. They are going to be your Card of triumph. Wonderful way to capture memories and keep them forever. Colour pencil sketches are really classy and out of the box anniversary gift for him. This one is worth trying and I bet you will love this.


13. Footwear


Casual Footwear

Casual Footwear


Usually, men do not really give attention to their footwear. You can grab this chance. We have talked about jogging shoes but not good formal shoes or casual shoes. So here is an opportunity for you. You can give him a pair of formal shoes or casual shoes maybe both of them but whatever you choose to keep two things in mind. First, select the right size this is the most common mistake people make while choosing shoes for other people but you won’t make it ask him directly if you can or just look over his old shoes. The second main concern is a comfort. Try having the most comfortable. As it’s really a prime factor while buying shoes.


14. Best Husband Trophy


Best Husband Trophy

Best Husband Trophy


This is a very new kind of anniversary gift ideas as most people don’t think about it. You can give him a trophy on which you can write “the best husband in the world”. This will definitely make him emotional and fall in love with you again. This is something he is going to love for the rest of his life and also flaunt among all the relatives and friends and acquaintances. Sometimes people who make a life’s good for you or do a lot for us need a better appreciation and that’s all you are going to give him with this anniversary gift for him.


15. Goodies For His Car


Goodies For His Car

Goodies For His Car


Men really do love their cars and some accessories will do real good. you can get him a car freshener or some goodies to hang on the mirrors are some cool accessories for the car. Every time he will be in the car with you, he will flaunt those off. You can go for old school Classics like dices, lucky charms, et cetera. You can even try some modern things like music player or you can make the car Bluetooth enabled with a BlueTooth device. This one is going to take a lot of effort but it’s all worth doing.


16. Custom Photo Keyrings


Custom Photo Keyrings

Custom Photo Keyrings


 He must be having a lot of keys. All you need to gift them as a custom photo keyring. you can get your wedding picture or any of a couple-picture on that printed and they will also make a wonderful anniversary gift for him. The meaning of actions available from where you can get them done. There are also many designs available for the keyrings. I think you should give this one a try. keyrings are old fashioned but custom photo keyrings are not and they will make you the star of anniversary gifting. 


17. A Backpack





Indian man to travel a lot and hence they need a good Backpack. No matter if it is a business trip or he is going out with friends he will definitely be in a need of a backpack. You can get them covered you will definitely try gifting him the best of backpacks and he will love it. You can go for a good brand which comes with along the warranty duration and it will also be wonderful. I think this is going to be the most usable anniversary gift for him.


18. Custom Phone Cover


Custom Phone Cover

Custom Phone Cover


Our phone needs covers and cases for protection and for a better look. Custom phone cover will fulfill both the needs. You can get a photo printed for him or you can simply just write down a quote for him. We do keep our mobile phones with ourselves the entire day. This is how he’ll be remembering you all day by saying to your picture that he loves you. 


19. Photo Collage & Frame


Photo Collage & Frame

Photo Collage & Frame


We click pictures so often nowadays. A photo collage frame will surely make wonders. You should make a photo collage of all pictures of the entire year. This will be a journey in itself around the year. All those Happy moments on a single frame together will make him smile and also love you more & more. This one definitely needs effort and also time but I assure it’s worth doing it. You should try this one out and he’ll love it.


20. A Handmade Card


Handmade Card

Handmade Card


List of best anniversary gifts for him is going to be incomplete without including a handmade card in it. Handmade card purely love. If you really not a craft person there are many tutorials available online to help you with that. You can check all of them here. Cards are definitely handmade but I would say they are heart made. Heart made and also handmade name more iconic duo. No photo printed thing can be as good as handmade. 

21. A Video Message


A Video Message

A Video Message


This one is quite effort taking but the most lovable one. You can record a loving video message for him and I assure he will break down into tears. while recording that message make sure you rehearse well first. you need to mention all that he has done in the entire year for you. The value he has in your life, How much he means to you. Pour out your soul and love in that message. You also need to tell all our expectations you have of him in the coming year. This is definitely gonna be a booster for your relationship and a perfect anniversary gift for him 1st century


22. A Letter By Post


A Letter By Post

A Letter By Post


This one is a bit similar in order to express your feelings. This one is for people who can express their feelings better by writing it down on paper instead of on video. You can write a good letter with all emotions and literary art. you can go for various letter tutorials online. You can even opt for sending this one directly to him by post instead of giving it to him. This will bring him closer to you and make you the best wife.


23. Perfumes



Perfumes for men


All men deserve and need to smell good. According to a study, women can smell 1.5 times better than men. Hence it is necessary for men to smell good. There are various brands available in the market I’d suggest to choose from any. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure they are not allergic to any particular fragrance or ingredients. This will make your man classy and you can flaunt him off around all the ladies. Warning ahead: save your man from them!


24. A Vacation For Both Of You


Couple on front of eiffel

Paris Is The City Of Love


Do you remember the last trip you both had? Maybe in this entire year because of all the responsibilities both of you couldn’t have time for yourselves. I would suggest you, people, to go out on a vacation to your favourite destination. If you ask for my opinion I’ll say go for some hill stations if you want to go to in India somewhere. For abroad my dream destination is Paris. Eiffel is surely worth watching once in a lifetime. You should visit once there and click the iconic Eiffel pose. That will definitely capture your memories for a lifetime and a wonderful picture option to convert into a handmade painting *grins*.


25. A Handmade Stunning Charcoal Sketch


Handmade Charcoal Sketch

Handmade Charcoal Sketch


The last one and this list is the best of all anniversary gifts for him and also one more handmade gift. I’m talking about a Hand-drawn Charcoal Sketch. Charcoal Sketch has a raw feel. Charcoal captures all the fine details in black and white. This is an old school classic drawing technique which will make you preserve all memories forever. All are charcoal sketches are 100% handmade with charcoal pencils and can last up to a lifetime. This is the most artistic, creative and unique gifting idea. I bet he will fall in love with you again when he will see the charcoal sketch. This is by far the most amazing and the best anniversary gift for him. 


Men do play an essential role in our lives but they don’t really take a simple second for their own selves. Anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions are just opportunities by which we can thank them for what they are doing for us and show them some gratitude. Men may seem hard and also rough but they too need gentle care and affection. Anniversary is the most important occasion for a couple in the entire as this celebrates the journey of being together. Every anniversary gift for him is special when mixed with love and care. 

So hair ends this wonderful list it was quite an enjoyable one for me. Do let me know in the comment section what gifts you are going to give him on this anniversary?



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