She is the most valuable person in your life and you are definitely thankful that she came to this world and to your life. Her birthday should be the day that would make her special and becomes unforgettable. Have you decided to make a cake for her or decorate her room to surprise her when the clock strikes 12. But where is the gift? She has told you that she doesn’t desire anything but the empty-handed celebration will be so unusual. So, it will be better if you celebrate it by surprising this beautiful woman with beautiful birthday gifts for her.



1. Charcoal Pet Portrait

Charcoal Pet Portrait as birthday gift for her

Charcoal Pet Portrait


Nobody, in this world, does not love his or her pet, so does she. She is an animal lover, isn’t she? The birds that she used to have in her house when she was small, or her pet dog that she pampers each day, and if she has a cat that she loves petting then you should gift her something related to them that she will cherish.


You can give us a picture-perfect photograph of her with her favourite pet or just the picture of her pet with the background specifications and we will get you a 100% purely handmade charcoal portrait with the size that you desire. The charcoal essence in the portrait will give a classy look to her bond with her favourite pet


This will make her burst in joy and will make her birthday the best.


2. A Green ‘Thing’




When you don’t find any other options with the birthday gifts for her and you have given all then, gifting her a little plant will be the brightest idea. Plants of some colourful leaves that don’t grow much longer and look beautiful can be placed anywhere inside the house.


Why not plants? After all, they need a little care like her pet that she loves a lot. The green element will make her tiring day. So, visit the nearest nursery or simply order it online. Get a beautiful glass bowl for the plant and surprise her on her upcoming birthday!



3. A Beauty Grooming Kit


Beauty Grooming Kit as birthday gift for her

Beauty Grooming Kit

Give me the name of a woman who does not love to take care of her beautiful hair and want a very soft skin. And it is very sure that she wants a lot of ingredients of the best brands which she can trust.


Why not gift her a kit of face wash, scrub, peel off mask, shampoo, oil, soap and any other product that is left of any herbal brand.


All you need is to search for the best herbal brand online and order the products that she needs right away. Don’t be late!



4. To Help Her in the Decoration


To Help Her in the Decoration as birthday gift for her

To Help Her in the Decoration

Is she a ‘Monica Geller’ of the house with the need for the prefect of the perfections with the alignment of every object in every room? Then, she is definitely looking for something beautiful yet classy to keep in her rooms or in the living room. Maybe she wants to decorate the boring gallery.

Why not suggest her something framed can be random photographs, paintings or… you can get some of the perfect pictures portrayed by us.

Provide us with those pictures and we will sketch them out using pencils. Gift it to your love and she will be knowing exactly where to put it. The pencil portrait of the photograph will look sharp and when framed and hanged on the walls will give the room a homely yet classy look just like she is.



5. A Beautiful Tote Bag


A Beautiful Tote Bag as birthday gift for her

A Beautiful Tote Bag

Haven’t you noticed lately that she is carrying some limited bags whenever she goes out or to the office? Every woman loves to have a different bag every day. Though that is a little less probable to happen. But you may increase the collection by one more item.


A tote bag can be an awesome present. That is a light and simple looking bag that can go with her casuals. You can go out to any bag shop or any shopping mall and can get it pretty easily without much choice making. You can even order it from the shopping websites.



6. A Gift Card to the Fashion World


Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

It has been a trend in the fashion world that instead of buying her a gift to fill her wardrobe you can buy her a fashion card. We know that it’s a tedious thing to find out her favourite outfit with colour that suits her taste so to make it more easy and flexible a gift card is the best option.


It involves a card that allows her to personally design her clothes the way she wants from a designer. Trust us, she will be in love with this gift!

7. Oil Couple Portrait


Oil Couple Portrait

Oil Couple Portrait

It is a woman’s favourite time pass to look at the pictures of her and her loved one, who is obviously you. These photographs can make her feel happy whenever her mood is off. Then why not turn these photographs into a beautiful portrait and gift her.


We can get her favourite picture with you, portrayed on an Oil Painting on Canvas and will make it artistic yet lively. The love and emotions that both of you spilt at that moment will be preserved forever in the painting.


She will definitely be hanging that portrait where everyone will witness the definition of your true love.


8. A Trip to a Beautiful Destination


A Trip to a Beautiful Destination

A Trip to a Beautiful Destination

No day will be as better as the days when you take her out for a vacation and be with her. You can search for a beautiful location in the nearby cities and can fix a trip there. She must become tired and must be working this whole time.


This birthday, gift her some rest. Give her a surprise with a ticket and take away from the boring people and the routine. She definitely will enjoy this present the most!



9. An Appointment to the Spa


An Appointment to the Spa

An Appointment to the Spa

Well, every person needs a body care treatment at the end of the week. But women find it really tempting. Just the thought of massage, hair washes and hand and leg treatments can make their day.


To make her birthday special get an appointment for her and yourself to a spa. Though she can go their alone but your interest in it can make her even happier. Apart from the normal spas, fish spa can be a better option. That will be a little different and very special for her too.



10. A Date-like Birthday


Date-like Birthday Surprise

Date-like Birthday Surprise

You remember the last time you went on a date? Even if that was last month or the last week, you can still give it a shot. Tell her to be ready on her birthday and take her to a magnificent shopping mall.


Why to even worry about buying her anything? Just take her to the shopping place and ask her to buy anything that she wants. And end this whole thing up by pre-booking a table at a beautiful restaurant and get her a lot of her favourite food. Isn’t it the best birthday?



11. A Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate Bouquet made of Ferrero Rocher

Chocolate Bouquet made of Ferrero Rocher


Any person who is a foodie will be a chocolate lover. And if she is a woman then it is almost probable that she will love a lot of chocolates. Making the birthday gift more classic and old school, gift her a bouquet of chocolates.


Make sure that it has a major amount of her favourites. This sweet, actually sweet, present will end up a sweet hug from her as a return gift. Yeah! That is the amount of love for chocolates she must have.



12. Jewellery

A Diamond Jwellery Set

A Diamond Jewellery Set


Did she lately fall in love with a necklace or a pendant? Does she have a nice dress but doesn’t have a matching pair of earpieces for it? Well, even a bracelet will work. But make sure that it is beautiful enough.


Apart from all the other accessories to jewel her up one stands above all others. A beautiful platinum ring will work the best. Why not gift her that, in the most romantic way? This will be one of the best birthday gifts for her,  she can ever get!



13. The Technical Side




Apart from all the other things that makes the girl side in her, happy, try giving her a present with a technical inclination. Yes, we are talking about gadgets. She might be in need of headphones as that is a basic need. She might have complained about her mobile phone or a new laptop (if it is in your budget).


Simply ask her if she wants anything and if you get a hint then buy one for her. Because some birthday gifts for her, sometimes are meant to fulfil the basic needs.



14. A Clock for the Wrist

A Branded Watch

A Branded Watch


Wristwatches are a part of our daily attire. From the old school analogue watches to the digital ones, every watch looks cool. But a watch that can be dedicated to the fitness freaks will be a fitness watch basically a digital band. If She is a keeper, you must have this in your list of birthday gifts for her. 


If that is what you feel will suit them best on her then order it right now or hit the store. These watches are irresistible with a lot of modern features. She will definitely love it!


15. Pencil Color Baby Portraits


Handmade Baby Pencil-color Portrait

Handmade Baby Pencil-color Portrait

They say that a bond between a loving couple is very pure but their baby makes it more lively and happening. Your baby is a beautiful responsibility that you both have and being a mother, her child is her whole world.


 Somewhere, you also are aware of the fact that the baby is certainly more dear to her. A bond of a child and her mother is the purest and she is very affectionate to the early glimpses of her baby.


Why not get her a portrait of your baby? And if you think that there is a photograph that is her favourite candid with her baby then give it to us. We will provide you with a beautiful sketch with pencil colours of that photograph that she will definitely be keeping in a place where it is visible every possible time.


16. A Music Box


Sa Re Ga Ma Caravan

Sa Re Ga Ma Caravan

Who does not love music? She also must be a great music lover. If she is then there are several things related to the music thing that can make her birthday present superb.


A Saregama caravan will be a perfect gift for her if she is in love with old school music. Speakers and music DVDs will always work as one of the best birthday combo. She will definitely love these as the birthday gifts for her.



17. A Gift for The Writer


 A Type Writer

A Type Writer

It is a rare case that your love is a writer or wants to be one and is just one motivation away from it. For that, why not gift her a typewriter. If you think that she feels when she writes, then typewriter was all that she needed. This is one of the best birthday gifts for her if she is a writer. 


If she loves writing and maintaining a diary each day, then a beautiful diary with a beautiful fountain pen will work as one of the best birthdays gifts for her that motivate her creativity.



18. For the Artist in Her


For the Artist in Her

For the Artist in Her

Have you seen her sketching or painting? If you have noticed that most of her expenditure is the shopping of brushes, colours, pencils, canvas and much more then give it a break and rather gift her these on her birthday.

You can search for the best brands for the artistic tools that she might require or that she needs and order it online. The artist in her will be so much happy to see the birthday gifts for her as that is what she ever wanted.

19. Water Color Painting of Your Vacation

Watercolor Painting from Your Vacation

Watercolor Painting from Your Vacation

Does she have a traveller inside her? Then, both of you must have been to beautiful places for vacations, honeymoon or just for a side trip, isn’t it? The photographs of that trip take you back to those days. A way to preserve those splendid memories is by getting a portrait of it.


A colourful water coloured painting of both of you and the beautiful location will be perfect to gift her, properly framed if you want. The beautiful blend of the colours will give the portrait a real look and the will increase the beauty of the background.


She is definitely going to hang that portrait somewhere in the main living room because apart from the beautiful destination it has all colours in it to flaunt.


20. Better Ask Her


Better Ask Her

Better Ask Her

Well, if you are confused or if you think nothing can be better for her for the birthday gift and she already has everything that can be gifted, then sit with her someday. Ask her if she wants anything. This will be one of the best birthday gifts for her. 

She might not tell you anything but keep bragging. You can also take hints of her needs one month before her birthday or even ask her girlfriends about it. That will be the best way of giving her, her perfect birthday gift.



Apart from all the gifting options, if you are still confused then give us her favourite photograph and we will get it portrayed and that will be the best, unique and the most creative gift she might not have ever received.

It doesn’t matter if you gift her the best or the most foolish gift on her birthday but you put so much of efforts in it and are there with her while she is cutting the cake, that will be the best for her.

Keep loving her the same way and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Apart from all the beauty, grooming and fashion products, there is something creative that you can do for her. Gifting portraits is very trendy, in fact, it can make your lovely lady burst in tears of joy.

The 100% handmade portraits are the best presents that can connect emotionally and directly to her. The portraits can be of any picture that you think is close to her or both of you. Below are some ideas that you can follow for the idea of perfect selection of what has to be portrayed. 



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