How to Deal with a Breakup (Pro Tips)?

Happy endings are what we’ve learnt from fairytales and are taught repeatedly and if the ending is not happy, it is often hard or difficult to deal with a breakup or move on. Same goes with relationships, ending it is hard, whether it is your decision or the other...

11 Out of the Box Anniversary Surprise Ideas

Anniversaries are a significant piece of life and an important day for a couple. Regardless of whether you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary or your relationship anniversary, it is an occasion which enhances your love by sprinkling some glitter to it as you...

11 Types of Hugs & What They Mean!

Hugs have been a form of love for a very long time, and depending on the types of hugs, it can be a kind of gesture and an expression of warmth, love, and affection. They are the best way to express your love when words fail to describe your state of mind. Whether you...

How to Say Thank You (to Almost Anyone)?

When you are thankful to your loved ones, gifting is all you want. Showing gratitude to someone by gifting them is an art. You have to be an expert while planning a perfect thank you gift. No matter how much you think, you always remain unsure of the other’s choices....

How to Propose a Girl? (& Take a Yes!)

So Valentine’s Week is coming and this time of the year seems perfect for popping the question among Cupid’s struck heart. We all know we girls are very simple. All we want is loyalty, honesty with a bit of cliché and pinch of romance. So below we list a few romantic...

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