Here is a tip! If you want to build a formally strong relationship with your boss, colleague or your most important client, gift them. There are a lot of occasions. It can be a company’s success celebration where you can gift your hard-working heroes a gift of gratitude. Exchanging corporate gifts on festive occasions is another ritual that they follow in the corporate world.

This happens a lot of times that you might get invited by your office pals to their celebration. Gifting options for your family and friends are still easy. But, making presents for the officials is a brainstorming task.

Don’t you worry? We are here to help you through a few corporate gifts that will go fine with your office people. Go through the list.

1. Year Planner

Year Planner (25 corporate gifts ideas)

Year Planner

These Year planners are one of the most common corporate gifts, we accept this fact. But trust us, in the world of meetings and deadlines everybody needs at least a planner. So do you and so does the person you are about to corporate gifts the planner.


You may even personalize it according to the personality of the person. Or just engrave his or her name on it.


2. That Reading Device

That Reading Device (25 CORPORATE GIFTS IDEA)

That Reading Device

This gift is a little costlier for a costlier relationship. Yes, we are talking about you and your boss. No one carries their load of books everywhere, so a kindle will be the best option. At a party organized by your boss, if you are not able to come up with anything, try this option.


Kindle is one of the most formal corporate gifts. It is useful in the very same amount.


3. A Classic Water Bottle

A Classic Water Bottle (25 CORPORATE GIFTS IDEA)

A Classic Water Bottle

Talking about the meme that suggests you remind your friends to stay hydrated. Why not gift them a water bottle itself? Won’t that be the best way to keep them reminding about drinking water?


The person sitting near your cubicle is important. Then his birthday gift is also a day for you to remember. The water bottle will go well for that day.


4. A Ticket to a Restaurant

A Ticket to a Restaurant (25 CORPORATE GIFTS IDEA)

A Ticket to a Restaurant


Another respectful gift to your special colleague should be a nice booking of two at a prestigious restaurant. If you want to spend some big amount of bucks for an occasion then, go for it.


5. Headphones



You know the drawbacks of having an irritating and chatty cubicle mate. Some solutions to this problem can be a pair of soundproofing headphones.


Give corporate Gift to your friend the same and save them from this breathtaking issue.


6. Portable Power Bank

Portable Power Bank

Portable Power Bank


In this world of fewer power sockets and switches, power banks are a blessing. And when you cannot switch your internet off, then power bank is all you need.


Do you know a colleague who is a mobile phone freak? Of course, you do! Gift them a branded portable power bank. That is all they need.


7. Personalized Calendar

Personalized Calendar

Personalized Calendar


A beautiful working desk is may make the worst Mondays, good enough to survive. Beautiful posters along with fancy spiral calendars may help.


You can get a calendar to personalize and gift them to the person in your office. The personalization idea can be with their pictures with you and their family. Or it can be their idol’s quote.


8. Succulent Pot


Succulent Pot

Succulent Pot


Talking about beautiful office desks, there is another way to make it attractive. That is by making it green. You must have seen small pots with plants. They are good for health as well as for your boring office days.


Gifting a person, a succulent garden in a small pot will be a very good idea for the same reason.


9. A Table Clock

A Table Clock

A Table Clock

The table clock is so important for anyone working in the office. Though there is always a wall clock, who has the energy to look up to the time. Moreover, gifting a fancy digital clock with an inbuilt pen stand will be so cool. Hit this option if you think that the person does not have a desk clock.


10. Phone Stand Amplifier

Phone Stand Amplifier

Phone Stand Amplifier

We swear that the object we are about to tell you will be so new to you. Mobile phone stands are important. But when they come with inbuilt amplifiers, the person will get surprised. You can present it to your colleagues. They will like it.


11. Beer Set

Beer Set

Beer Set

Do you have a beer lover in your arena? Is it his birthday? Then it is the right time to search for a bear set. A set with at least two fancy beer mugs will be perfect. To add on to this, you can sum it up with a beer bottle of the best quality. Nothing can best up to that.


12. Laptop Bags

Laptop Bags

Laptop Bags

A difficult life from the IT sector cannot be carried away on a softback. But a laptop with a heavy load of soft files can be carried in a trendy bag.


There are a lot of options for laptop side bags or backpacks online. Hit for one and gift it to your colleague. You can also go to the shop nearby.


13. Macarons




When you do not want to get carried away with costly corporate gifts. And you are not even sure that if they have those things already. Then, you can choose something sweet.


Macarons are those sweet things that make people happy. These prestigious sweets are all you need to buy for them. Well, you can even personalize the macarons.


14. Tumbling Tower

Tumbling Tower

Tumbling Tower

There is a type in every office employee. Some are workaholics, some are chit chat lovers, some like roaming around. Another category is of the game lovers. Their main motive for taking breaks from work is of making records in some games.


For them, get a nice set of tumbling tower bricks. They will love it.


15. Speakers




Who does not need a speaker? When there is a need for smooth music in the garden, you cannot shift your music system there. At that time, Bluetooth speakers are all you need.


You can gift the best Bluetooth speakers to your colleagues. There are a lot of varieties, preferably will be the one with a lamp. Adding to it, try getting it to personalize.

16. Playing Cards


Playing Cards

Playing Cards


You have got to trust us that there is a large group of people with a gang. This gang can be of friends or cousins. These people love playing cards. Cards are an important part of any get together at these gang get-togethers. People love keeping a collection of fancy cards.


To add to their collection, you can give corporate gifts to them with a personalized deck of golden cards. They will not stop adoring it.


17. Fitness Watches


Fitness Watches

Fitness Watches


While you may find it difficult to even wake up in the morning, some go too far. By too far we mean, they jog to long distances before they get ready to office. For such fitness freaks, the present should cope up to their level.


Try gifting them the fitness digital watches. These watches have activity trackers inbuilt. These look trendy and match the office attire, too.


18. Spa package

Spa package

Spa package

A very common yet mesmerizing corporate gift is an appointment to a prestigious spa in the city. Through the tiresome days in the office can kill anyone’s body. There should be a place for a “me day” in everybody’s calendar.


This birthday, get an appointment for the target day, a birthday will be most preferable. Send it to your colleague. Nothing would be as better as that.


19. A Bottle of Unisex Fragrance

A Bottle of Unisex Fragrance (25 CORPORATE GIFTS IDEA)

A Bottle of Unisex Fragrance


Do not go with the importance of a bottle of fragrance in one’s life. You know how necessary it is to be fragrant all the time. To add up to your knowledge of pleasant smells, lavenders and pumpkin fragrant perfumes are liked by all.


Hit the online shopping site or your nearby stores and get one. Gift it to your colleague. They will love wearing this smell to their special occasions. Maybe, to their date eves.


20. Bouquet and Chocolates


A Bouquet and Chocolates (25 CORPORATE GIFTS IDEA)

A Bouquet and Chocolates


A small but valuable token of greeting can be a bouquet of fragrant roses or some rare lilies. This will go with any occasion. There are times that you should not overdo any gifting option. Such a present is meant for those times.


To add on to the flowers, you can give a corporate gift collection of chocolates. That will not look bad. Who does not love chocolates, after all?


21. Hip Flasks



Hip Flasks


Some of the people in the office are legitimate drinkers. No, we are not categorizing them to be drunk. But, they find it classy to keep their dose of liquids. For such classy people, hip flasks will be the perfect gift.


If you think that this small gift will not go right, then at least check the internet for the varieties. You will end up buying one for yourselves too.


22. Water Color Portrait

Water Color Portrait (25 CORPORATE GIFTS IDEA)

Water Color Portrait


When you enter an art gallery and look at the paintings, the first word you say is “Wow!”. Paintings are that good. Watercolor portraits are transparent and lustrous. Due to the mixture of only the water and colors with a little filler, the painting gives a luminous texture. The colors are laid in the purest of their form on the portrait.


BookMyPainting allows you to get a portrait for your colleague. You can give us a photograph of them and we will get it portrayed by the best professionals. These 100% purely handmade watercolor portrait is one of the best ways to restore your photographs.


23. Oil Painting 



Oil Painting


If you want to make your portrait look more old yet classy then hit for the oil paintings. In oil painting, there are color pigments that are bound by the oil. This oil dries in the contact of air.

Oil painted portraits look lively. Your colleague will face a tough challenge to distinguish between the actual photograph and the painting. The portrait will look creamy with a pinch of smoothness.


We ensure the best and 100% purely handmade oil portraits of the photographs. Go to our website at BookMyPainting and provide us with the desired size of the portrait and the photograph to be portrayed and enjoy home delivery.


24. Pencil Sketch 


Pencil Sketch


The wall blocking pictures can be printed in a huge size and gifted after getting them framed. But a better option is getting them portrayed.


They can put the portrait in their living room. Nothing is classier than a pencil sketch. You do not need a full-size portrait for that wall but just a big enough canvas of their favorite picture.


For that send us that photograph and BookMyPainting will make it on the canvas with pencils, giving a shady and shiny look. The graphite pencils will pour a grayish life to the portrait.

25. Charcoal Art Portrait

The Charcoal Art Portrait (25 CORPORATE GIFTS IDEA)

The Charcoal Art Portrait

There is another option that BookMyPainting provides you. Do you have any picture of your colleague’s baby that you think is close to them? Then go for getting it portrayed by the professionals.


We ensure a 100% handmade portrait with the dark strokes of charcoal on a white sheet of the canvas. They will love these corporate gifts as it will get attached to their emotional part.



Nobody cares too much about your position in your company unless you show tour modesty. And gifting can be a very good option for that. Even a company is known for its level of friendliness with its clients and amongst its employees. What else can make it do to that level other than giving bonuses during profit days and small presents during occasions?


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