The arrival of a newborn baby is a joyous occasion for everybody. Finding a gift for a newborn can be difficult. Welcoming a new life into our lives is not only overwhelming but also empowers us with the responsibility to shape the future of a new individual. On occasions like these, gifting something to a new-born baby can be a bit confusing, especially when you don’t have any experience. But don’t worry, by the end of the article, you’ll have a lot of options to consider and we’ll help you jump into your favourable conclusions.

There are endless things that parents require as soon as a new life kicks into their lives. You can easily try and gift them something that will help them cross that one thing out of the list. Gifting parents using your pragmatic temperament will help them cut costs and save multiple trips to the store. There can never be too many diapers or feeding bottles or toys in a house where a newly born has recently been welcomed. So let the super practical voice of your head take over and get that perfect gift for the new-born and the parents too.

Apart from what we have already discussed, there is another aspect that you can consider before picking out the perfect gift for the newborn. Add a pinch of uniqueness. Most babies need only one of each thing that the parents have already bought, namely- stroller and cot. Although gifting something out of the box which is useful at the same time does the trick. Stuff such as a travel cot or baby stuff organiser are super unique and come in handy for parents.

So I’ve listed a few ideas which you can consider and choose the right fit for the baby.


1. Customised Pillows And Cushions

Customised Pillows And Cushions (Newborn gift ideas)

Customised Pillows And Cushions

This idea is one of my favourites. So the idea is to reuse your old clothes (whose fabric is soft) and get the pillow of cushion covers sewed from them. So your baby would sleep on something that you used to wear a long time ago or something your father used to wear every day to work. These customised pillow covers or cushion covers would add a personal touch to the newborn baby’s ambience. It would make them feel more loved and as if that person was right there with the baby. Also, the fabric of worn-out clothing is very soft and makes it ideal for the soft skin of a newborn. So you can gift the new member of the family with customised pillows and cushion covers with your personal touch and essence.


2. Get Inspired from Bebo

Get inspired from Bebo

A picture of forest

Bebo aka Kareena Kapoor is the rocking newbie mom of the B-Town who is giving us serious goals for gifting the perfect gift for a newborn baby. So on Taimur’s first birthday. Bebo and her nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar planned and gifted Taimur a little forest of his own. This way the boy can never have enough of nature, the birds, the bees and the colourful butterflies. All of the best of nature has been put together in a small forest outside Mumbai. The entire thrives on intercropping, celebrating the git of diversity. The forest is spread over about 1000 sq. ft. with 100 trees to begin with. Each tree is local, resilient and one of the climate-resilient species. These trees include Jamun, Seetaphal, Ramphal, Amla, Nimbu, Jackfruit, different pulses, and green vegetables.

The forest is inspired by the zero budget natural farming model proposed by Padma Shri Subhash Palekar. The idea behind the model is that each tree grows symbiotically off another thus, thriving on another’s pocket. This is the most sustainable gift idea that you can follow and customise as per your wish. The forest will be the child’s sacred place where he or she will directly learn from nature and grow to be her lover.


3. Hand-Made Portraits

Handmade Portrait (Newborn gift ideas)

Handmade watercolour painting of a baby

Portraits are always better than photographs and there is no arguing in the fact. Having a handmade portrait of the newborn will not only amplify the aesthetic beauty of their room but will also fill the room with serenity and tranquillity. An online venture called BookMyPainting is full of creative artists who can easily help you paint the perfect portrait for the new member of the family.


4. A Dobby Costume

Baby Dobby

A Baby in a Dobby Costume

If you’re a Potterhead, then there is absolutely no brain-storming in choosing the perfect gift for the newborn. A few years ago, a picture of a baby dressed as dobby was breaking the internet and people all over the world went gaga over the cute baby sleeping in a dobby costume. So get inspired for the world of witchcraft and wizardry and dress up the newborn as if he is to slay the magical school of Hogwarts. In fact, the baby is going to thank you for being so cool and subtle.


5. Musical Box to Sleep

You can gift a musical box which would help to calm the baby and to help her get a sound full sleep. In the era of speakers and home theatres, you can go a bit old school and gift a musical box top the newborn. It is somewhere a perfect amalgamation of thoughtful and unique which I’m sure the baby would love to play with when he or she grows old.


6. Dream Catcher

Customised Pillows And Cushions (Newborn gift ideas)

Dream Catcher as a gift

The legend has it that dream catchers arise from Chinese mythology. The webs of the dream catcher keep away the bad dreams and the nightmares, helping the child to get a sound full and undisturbed sleep. You can get a customised dream catcher cum chandelier and hang it above the crib of the baby helping him sleep better.


7. Teether

A baby with a teether

A baby with a teether

The struggle of comforting a baby is quite a task that only a new parent can relate to. So helping the parents by gifting them baby pacifiers is just the right gift. Baby pacifiers and teethers, these days come in different animal characters and are made of non-toxic compounds that you can choose from.


8. Plant a Tree

Plant a tree (Newborn gift ideas)

A Sapling

While not everyone can gift a forest to their baby, planting a tree on the birthday of the new member of the family is also a great idea. So every year as the baby grows, they will have a sibling tree to share their birthday with. The small step of choosing a sustainable gift for the newborn will be fruitful in the long run for the baby.


9. Clothes

If you are confused and out of time to brainstorm the perfect gift, gifting clothing is the safest and easiest bet. You can choose clothing items like vests, caps, booties and etc. for welcoming the new member of the family. Just make sure you avoid purchasing harsh, artificial fabrics that can harm the baby’s skin. Rest, you’re good to go.


10. Diaper

Diaper (Newborn gift ideas)


There is absolutely no way that you can go wrong with gifting diapers. Disposable diapers of many brands are available in the market so you have a large set to choose from. In fact, you can consult parents or a pediatrist to choose the right brand for the baby. If not disposable, you can opt for cloth diapers. While they aren’t as handy as the disposable diapers, they are more breathable and comfortable than the former. So if you are environment conscious, then picking these for the newborn is a great idea to start from. Bear in mind to buy the age-appropriate size of diapers.


11. Silver Jewellery

Jewellery (Newborn gift ideas)

Silver Bracelets for newborn

Since time immemorial, gifting silver items to the new-born baby is considered auspicious. Also, like every other Indian tradition, this one too has a scientific explanation as silver has several health benefits making it important for the newborn baby’s immune system. So from silver bangles or anklets to silver glasses, bowls or spoons, there is a wide variety to choose from.


12. Rattles and Musical Toys

Rattles and Music Toys (Newborn gift ideas)


The baby section of the supermarket is full of stirring choices when it comes to rattlers and musical toys for new-born babies. They are super peppy and soothing and the fact that they come in adorable designs these days makes it a sure shot entertainer for the baby.


13. Room Decor


Stickers for wall

Gifting room décor items for the baby’s room is always fun. Picture frames, wall stickers, room lighting, height charts, rugs and carpets, drapes, etc. there is a wide range of options to choose from.


14. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier sling or a baby carrier, both make-up for practical gifting. But before choosing the design, you should keep in mind the age of the baby. Smaller babies move their neck swiftly, because of which they require extra neck support. So, do a bit research on the product, its durability, and the requirement of the baby and you are good to go.


15. Skincare Products

Gifting a set of baby skincare products is also a great idea to follow and execute. The kit can include foam shampoo, baby body lotion, massage oil, baby soap, diaper rash cream, baby wipes. You can also consult the parents or a dermatologist before finalising the brand as babies have sensitive skin. Ensure that you buy products designed specially for babies.


16. DIY Gifts

Let your creativity sway in and make something for the newborn to add sentiments and creativity in your gift. A knitted sweater with matching socks and cap is a great idea to start with. If not, then you can choose a quilted blanket, or perhaps stuffed toys.


17. Time

Let me give you a Big Bang Theory reference to convince you why giving your time is actually a more practical gift for the newborn and for its parents. Remember what Bernadette and Howard would do when they would find some spare time after taking care of their children? NAP. While newborn babies are super cute and adorable, they come with responsibility and a lot of care. So if you are a close friend or a family member, we suggest you offer to babysit whenever you can and give the parents some much-needed rest. They will appreciate you for your time and most importantly they can take care of the bundle of joy better if they are well-rested.


18. Portable Baby Stuff Organiser


Taking care of a newborn baby requires a lot of time and a lot of products. If these things are not properly organised then the problems have only started. Gifting a portable baby stuff organiser will help the parents get the work done more swiftly.


19. Email ID


So the idea is that you capture every memory of the child as it grows to be an amazing individual. All the small memories. The good ones, the not so good ones. The first time the baby walked or said something. The first time he or she went to school. The first time she fell off the bicycle. All these priceless moments captured and sent to an email address. Once the child is 18 or 16 you can give them the log-in credentials and let them enjoy the journey. While it is not something you can give a newborn on their welcome day, in long run this would be a priceless gift.


20. Gift Cards

Gift cards are super handy and utterly practical; And let’s just admit it, they save you from all the hassle of procuring that perfect gift, and what if your gift wasn’t as useful or thoughtful as you thought it would be? Yeah! That fear is always there. But gifting a gift card is the perfect loophole. Not only it saves you all the effort but gives the parent the freedom to purchase something as per their requirement.


So I hope after reading the article, you have decided the perfect gift for welcoming the newborn into the family. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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