So Valentine’s Week is coming and this time of the year seems perfect for popping the question among Cupid’s struck heart.
We all know we girls are very simple. All we want is loyalty, honesty with a bit of cliché and pinch of romance.
So below we list a few romantic ideas on how to propose a girl.

Try to pursue her and her wants and make sure that you give importance to her in every way that can make her feel loved, cherished, valued and respected. Don’t rush into things that may give her second thoughts. Give her attention and loyalty so she doesn’t have to think twice before saying yes to the big question.

1. Confession in front of a crowd

Confession in front of a crowd (10 WAYS TO PROPOSE A GIRL)

Confession in front of a crowd

Every girl loves when his man claims her in front of a crowd and nothing can beat an honest heartfelt confession for your love. Plan a dinner date, go for a movie or and adventure as per your girl liking and bend on one knee. Say what you feel and pop the question!!


2. Jumbled Love

Jumbled Love (10 WAYS TO PROPOSE A GIRL)

Jumbled Love

If you have a lame sense of humor and a bucket full of cheesy flirty lines, write one line on a small note, on the back of it write letter by letter your question is how to propose a girl with no. of the note at the bottom.

For example:
Write a line on a note like this “Hello! Cupid called. He wants to tell you he needs my heart back!!”
Turn the note back and on this side write W and no. 1 beneath it. Don’t forget to mention the note to collect all of them with her safely. Like this keep all the notes for letter of the question you want to pop and leave the last note saying to arrange then in numerical order and propose. I am sure your girl will swoon!!


3. Flowers



Every girl loves flowers. Buy her favorite flowers. On each flower write a reason why she is important for you. Give each flower to her friend and ask them to pass it to her when she meets them. In the last flower, instead of a note write the question to be popped and of course down on one knee. Her shy smiles will give you the answer right away


4. Filmy Romance

Filmy Romance (10 WAYS TO PROPOSE A GIRL)

Filmy RomanceFilmy Romance

Now this one requires a bit of heavy pocket. Get out all your cute Snapchat, boomerangs, selfies, candid’s and make a movie. Talk to a theatre nearby or a small cafe where you can play this movie in privacy means booking the whole venue.

At the end of the movie, ask the question, followed by a heartfelt confession. If you can’t shell out a big amount, go for alternative no.5


5. Private movie date

Private movie date

Private movie date

Like the previous one, prepare a movie; lay down a romantic setting with a white sheet, scented candles, and soft music. Get a mini projector. Buy one even. It’s super-duper cute. Play the movie and end it the same way as no.4


6. Merging Congratulations

Merging Congratulations

Merging Congratulations

Every girl loves her birthday. She loves to be pampered, gifted and enjoy. So why not double her happiness. A birthday proposal is very Romantic. Take note guys!! What you should do is plan a full-on birthday surprise with her closed ones, as we girls love our friends and family. On the gifts wrapped write the words. Get her friends to gift them in order and wish her at the last with the last word and a ring.


7. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

If she is a Sherlock fan, then this is for you. Prepare hints leaving clue from one place to another. Like “where we first met? “Leave the next clue there. Keep a gift or a picture with one word of the question. Be at the place the last clue guides her to and confess how lucky you are to be with her.


8. The Karan Johar proposal

The Karan Johar proposal

The Karan Johar proposal

If your specific one is a huge fan of Yash Raj and Karan Johar, nothing will do which does not have a Bollywood tadka. Be it a “sarso ka khet” or Hot air balloon, imitate her favorite actor and add your quirkiness. How to Propose a girl in all her Bollywood style and surely she will be the Simran in the arms of her Raj.


9.Private Getaway

Private Getaway

Private Getaway

If your girl is a fan of long drives and privacy, then better give this a go. Book a spot nearby your city where there are a serene atmosphere and peace, but not to unsafe.

Have some food in the hood of your car and camping gear. Go there, create a romantic ambiance and pour your heart out. I am sure she will melt.


10. A Room Full of Memories

A room full of Memories

A room full of Memories

This idea is for relationships that have passed the test of time and still sailed strong. Pick out all the memories of you and your significant other. Be it pictures, letters, notes, gifts or anything else. Fill the room with it and try to write a message with them if possible or any significant event that changed your view with each other or major fight where you were on verge of giving up but didn’t.

Use fairy lights, candles and just add your personal touch to it. Remember all the things together like going back to your memory lane and living those moments together once more. Make her realize her importance and ask the question. I am sure she will be moved by your efforts and sincerity.


Some Pro Tips:

  • Be true to self and her. Don’t propose for the sake of proposing.
  • Plan well and execute best.
  • Don’t let the nervousness get to your nerves.
  • Be sure she will say yes, most important in public proposals. You don’t want to be pitied and mocked about.
  • If both of your parents are well aware, keep them in the loop. This will win her over.
  • Don’t piss her off during the planning or ignore her. Believe me, it will create more suspense rather than excitement.
  • Keep her favorites in mind.
  • Rather than the grandness, your efforts and sincerity matter.
  • Try to include her friends or trusted ones. They will help you execute and will make her happy that you value her friends
  • Man up and propose




When you have to know how to propose a girl, one should realize and know the strength of their relationship because popping the question means you are ready for a big step and with them comes huge responsibility. If you are asking for marriage, try to gain the confidence of her and your parents if they are a bit conservative.

This will give her more faith in her and the relationship. Keep it simple, cute but meaningfully, that is the mantra of the perfect proposal. We all have an idea of her dream proposal, try to follow that but if you that your love will find happiness in a simple confession and not some extravaganza, then leave all these ideas of how to propose a girl.

Beaches, Mountains are not necessary, necessary is compatibility, compassion, and contentment. Never put her down because you are the man in the relationship. Be humble and gentle because The girls will feel like a princess if you bake a half-burnt cake for us but not when you just buy a bouquet of thousand roses!! and it solves the problem of how to propose a girl.


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