When you are thankful to your loved ones, gifting is all you want. Showing gratitude to someone by gifting them is an art. You have to be an expert while planning a perfect thank you gift. No matter how much you think, you always remain unsure of the other’s choices. Choices are uncertain but showing generosity and gratitude is always appreciated. Your time can be the most precious gift but materialistic gifts are always in the craze. Are you too perplexed with the perfect out of box gift ideas?  Whether it may be your partner, friends, parents, co-workers, employees, etc these creative ideas will never go wrong. We have discussed gifts varying from wine lovers to book lovers. Choosing a perfect gift is solely on your budget. We have summarized the best ideas on how to say thank you that will never crash your bank balance. They will never judge your gifting skills.


1.     A Bookaholic Buddy

A Bookaholic Buddy

Good books, good friends and a good gift is all a bookaholic will love. In case your friend is a book lover, try gifting some creative bookmarks. Gifting novels is too old fashioned. It’s certain that a book lover will appreciate receiving a novel. But a creative bookmark will definitely bring charm to their face. If you’re thinking about how to say thank you to your bibliophile friend, bookmarks can be the most thoughtful gift idea because finding a perfect one is difficult. You can try some beautiful novel lines, poetry verses, a soothing serenity or their favorite quote. If you want to try your hands on something creative, you can make them on your own. They are perfect if you have less budget. You can also give them their most awaited novel with these cute bookmarks if you possess a big budget.


2.  A Pet Love Buddy

A Pet Love Buddy

I am sure that there will be someone on your list who is fond of lovely creatures. They believe that their journey of life is perfect with pets. For them, home is where their pet resides. We are sure that the heart of this person is pure and will definitely appreciate a cute lovely pet involving gifts.  Add the colors of love in their beautiful relationship with their pets. Just try gifting them a custom watercolor portrait of their photo with their pet. I am sure this is going to be the most thrilling gift for your friend. Pets can not reflect their emotions but yes it will wag its tail for this wonderful gift. Watercolor painting will definitely be their wall piece in a living room. The unique and vibrant hues will sparkle the eyes of every visitor in the house. You will always be remembered for this creative watercolor portrait gift idea.


3.  A Party Animal

A Party Animal

A buzzing party animal is always a part of any squad. They bring an exciting, happy vibe everytime you meet them. Enlighten their day just as they do every time you shake hands. Try gifting some constant yet loved gift of all time. A decent bottle of wine wrapped by an exquisite blessing pack is a present that is constantly valued. With such a significant number of vintages to look over, this blessing fits any value run. It is likewise simple to redo this blessing relying upon the flavors of the person you are gifting.

You can even customize the wine further. Just print an altered wine mark to thank that exceptional individual for all that they have accomplished for you. You can also enjoy drinking it with them. This will lighten your mood and you can make time for each other. Share stories and show your gratitude just by sparing your time and memories with them.


4. A Nature Obsessed Buddy

A Nature Obsessed Buddy

Yes, the weirdest buddy on our how to say thank you list can be the one who is peaceful from within. Nature calms every upset mind and soothes every upset emotion. They dwell you deeper from inside. In case a person you want to gift is a nature lover, you are in the right place. We are sure that a nature lover always appreciates beauty. Nothing expresses gratitude more than a bunch of flowers. Beauty is totally reflected in flowers. Every blossom is a sign of eternal love and peace. Fragrance adds everything to this lovely gift idea. If you are clueless about your friend’s choice not to get disheartened. In this case, you can opt for a personalized planter box and mason jars. This will allow them to grow their own.

This personalized gift will also suffice their hobby of gardening. You will always be remembered when the plant grows and blossoms. Thank us later for this lovely gift idea.

5.  For A Family Man

For A Family Man

Family is the most beautiful gift we are always blessed with. No matter how much a person shouts on their family, it’s always the most valued part of one’s life. One can make any number of sacrifices for the sake of their family and loved ones.  If anyone in your list is a family man, try gifting them a magnificent custom pencil sketch family portrait. You can thank your dad, husband, boyfriend or any other office colleague who is the real family man. Try gifting them a pencil sketch portraying their family photo.

This gift idea is not just something creative but also memorable. Pictures can not stay forever but a portrait can be for a long duration. Enriching memories will always be honored. Pencil sketches are simple and sober in every case. This gift will surely be appreciated by your friend and their complete family.


6.  A Fitness Freak

A Fitness Freak

Health is the most valuable gem that needs to be maintained well. A healthy mind uplifts a healthy soul. A healthy person brings positive energy, rejoices in your mood and what not? We are sure that there may be one person that is a true fitness freak. Gymnastics, yoga, Lifting, cardio is all they are fond of.  Hydration is the key to every fitness activity. The more one drinks, the more they sweat. Gear them their workout sessions by gifting something fitness supportive. Show your humble gratitude to your gymaholic, health-conscious friend by gifting them a cool sipping glucose bottle. You can buy it from any nearby store or supermarket.

This sipper is totally appropriate for your budget. You can opt for different volumes, sizes, materials, and colors that suit your budget. This gift is also available anywhere in online stores with multiple choices that can rejoice you well.


7.  A Food Lover

A Food Lover

All one needs is love and a lot of chocolates. Food can lighten up the hyper mood instantly. Having a foodie person in your friend list is always a blessing because you always have one companion to your restaurant table. Show your love and thanks to your amazing food-loving friend with something delicious and sweet. You can never turn out badly with this heavenly blessing – chocolate-coated strawberries. Almost any upscale supermarket will have these available. That you should simply envelop them with a snappy blessing box with a bow and you have the most delicious endowment of appreciation.

If you are unable to find them in nearby stores, then again you can arrange custom chocolate coated strawberries sent straightforwardly to your loved ones from an assortment of online merchants at an affordable price. You can vary the quantity of this box according to your spending limit.


8.  A Homely Creative

A Homely Creative

This gifting type is completely devoted to the person who is a self-made interior designer. There is always one creative homely friend who loves decorating their house. You can show your gratitude by embracing their decorative hobby. If you are experiencing difficulty attempting to locate that ideal blessing, think about an occasional home stylistic layout thing. For instance, all-time favorite money plants are a perfect thank you gift. Or on the other hand, consider a lavender zest scented candles in this spring season. This seasonal gift is a rejoicing approach to spread a little sudden bliss to those you value the most. They will definitely love this cute token of love.


9.  A Traveler

Duffle Bag Gift for Traveler

A Traveler

There may be one friend who wants to travel the whole world and get lost in beautiful places. Adventure is all they want in life. They always excite your heart and refresh your mood with their thrilling stories. You will always have a travel partner that will accompany your trekking mood. Try to add in their thrilling adventurous life with a traveling duffel bag. A beautiful travel experience can get worse if you miss packing something important. This duffel bag will surely ease the packing experience which is always an antipathy.

It will ensure that they won’t miss anything important and will make their travel easy with lots of luggage. You can search them in different sizes, colors, and types. You can buy them in any nearby stores or search them online if you can get something quite unique.


10. A Fashion Butterfly

Gift for a Fashion Butterfly

A Fashion Butterfly

There is always one beauty in your girlish gang that crosses every edge in fashion. She cannot go outside without her complete makeup look. And yes, she experiments with every makeup type. From a dewy look to a smoky one, from a glam up ready to date look or a no-makeup office look, she excels them all. Show your love and blessings to this fashionista with a complete makeup kit. Ensure that it includes a moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, blush, shimmer, and highlighter. You can also gift them an eye makeup kit of eye shadow palettes, kajal, mascara, and eyeliner, and can also give them a wide range of lip shades from an iconic red shade to nudes. You can add or reduce the makeup products according to your budget and she will definitely love you for this.


11.  Not Sure of their Type?

Not Sure of their Type?

If you are super confused with the type and the nature of the person, don’t lose hope. This last gifting idea solves it all. Try gifting a charcoal portrait of the person whom you want to present your love and generosity. This monochromatic photo portrait does not just suffice one’s love for black and white but it also seems classy. Capturing pictures just to capture memories is good but preserving memories in the form of a portrait is the best. Surprise your loved one with this most creative and exceptionally beautiful gifting idea.




Gifting a perfect present in order to show your love and gratitude is always the most difficult task. But, you can master this well. We have included gifts for all the possible types of people. You can complement your out of the box thank you gift with a thank you card. Express your humble gratitude and thankful sentiments in this note. This also marks your valuable efforts in deciding a gift. We hope you enjoy reading this article and figure out a perfect thank you gift if your friend. You can also check for portraits at our website BookMyPainting. It is an amazing website that helps you in restoring memories by portraying and framing them.

Happy Gifting!


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